Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Blog

My Blog

I'll be your friend!

Ok, so as earlier mentioned, I have a few phone chat profiles up...
I haven't been doing too much with that but I will post the links in the sidebars when I get everything hooked up!

I'd love for you to join and talk to me for a bit! Nothing too much! :-).

Check out my TALKSUGAR profiles below.
NOTE: The link is for one of my profiles on TS, for the others just search for MzAlais

TalkSugar Profile


Oh, wait come back!!!

I have a SmutVibes page and I plan to be active on that, seems like an interesting site nonetheless.

Click to contact Mzalais

Click to call Mzalais

So frustrated and tired

Ok, SO my page is STILL messing up after hours of editing, so excuse it once again.

I have added my facebook badge widget so don't be afraid to check that out! Matter fact I'm encouraging you to do that.

I joined a few more sites and will upload their links later.

Ok back to editing and advertising, toodles!

I need a drink

It's Sunday...


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Creating and Editing


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that I am new to this blogging stuff. Sure I attempted it many times before but just gave up or forgot about it. This time I am determined to hang on and make something out of this.

I promise as time goes on, this site will look way bettttter (lol)!!!

I'm still learning CSS & HTML

I am working on some more of it tonight so work with me!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Time has come to a standstill because I am now blogging. Granted that I am not doing much now with my time as far as school or work, I have more time to dedicated to my online activities.

Nonetheless don't think I am just a blob, because I have inspirations baby. College is still on my long list of goals. 

A little about me, I am the Brazilian descendant American girl that desires to be respected and treated with a little dignity.

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